Conference "Functional Neurosurgery"
May 21 — 22, 2020
Moscow, Marriot Tverskaya Hotel, 1 Tverskaya # nbsp; - Yamskaya Street, 34

Functional Neurosurgery

Functional Neurosurgery: The Past, the Present and the Future

Conference   "Functional Neurosurgery"

Dear Colleagues
Welcome to the 5th Russian Society of Functional Neurosurgeon (RAFN) 2020 Congress on May 21−22, 2020 in Moscow.

I congratulate all of you on this occasion and wholeheartedly welcome all the participants from the world.
The motto of the meeting this time is "Functional Neurosurgery: The Past, the Present and the Future". We are now undergoing the biggest advancement in the field of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery, and accordingly WSSFN has had grown into forerunner not only in the field of neurosurgery but also in area of the medical science. Societies affiliated with WSSFN are by no mean complacent; much remain to be done together. The RAFN congress meeting in Moscow also aims to facilitate wider participation from the global community to reach a larger audience. I am convincing that this meeting will serve not only as a good opportunity to learn about the new developments in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery but also share experiences with peers from all around the world.

The Congress promises to be a highlight for the multidisciplinary community, which will stimulate discussion between researchers and clinician in the emerging field of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery.

RAFN congress president Andrey Sitnikov and committee members have been working hard to prepare this program.

And I also would like to appreciate their devotion and every effort.
Once again, I would like to welcome everybody on this auspicious occasion.
I hope that every one of you will have a joyous and rewarding time while staying in Moscow.
Looking forward to seeing you in Moscow.
Thank you.
Best regards

Jin Woo Chang President WSSFN
I invite you to participate in # nbsp; the work of the scientific and practical conference "Functional Neurosurgery"
A striking event in the world of neurosurgery will traditionally be held on May 21 and 22, 2020. At the conference venue we will gather 25 speakers from Russia, the USA, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East.
We are waiting for reports from the forefront of functional and stereotactic neurosurgery from around the world. Welcome.

Conference program

May 21 - 22, 2020
Thursday, May 21, 2020
09:00 — Registration
09.30 — Welcome words A. Sitnikov, Jin Woo Chang
10:00 — Shiro Horisawa. "Lesioning surgery for movement disorders", Tokyo, Japan.
10:30 — Grigoryan Yuri. "Failed microvascular decompression — new modern trend", Moscow, Russia
11:00 — Soha Abdu Alomar "Different neurostimulation modalities for the treatment of epilepsy". Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
11:30 — Juan A. Barcia. "Induction of plasticity with cortical stimulation to enhance resection of tumors in eloquent areas." Madrid, Spain
12:00 — Erich Talamoni Fonoff. "Can directional leads improve DBS outcome in PD?". Sao Paulo, Brazil
12:30 — Joachim K. Krauss. "New developments in surgical treatment of dystonia". Hannover, Germany
13:00 — 14:00 Lunch
14:00 — Dmitriev Alexander "Stereotactic lesioning of epileptogenic foci. The experience of Federal Centre of Neurosurgery (Novosibirsk)". Novosibirsk, Russia
14:30 — Parag Patil. "Modern Neurosurgical Approaches to Head and Facial Pain". Michigan, USA
15:00 — Zuev Andrey "Surgical treatment of MRI-negative epilepsy". Moscow, Russia
15:30 — Kai Lehtimäki. "ANT DBS in refractory epilepsy: 10 years experience". Tampere, Finland
16:00 — Michael Schulder. "Rethinking intraoperative MRI". New York, USA
16:30 — Muhammad Tariq Imtiaz. "Spastic Diplegia in kids". Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
17:00 — Closing remarks
Friday, May 22, 2020
10:00 — Jin Woo Chang. "Recent issues of MRgFUS lesioning for brain disorders". Seoul, South Korea
10:30 — Konstantin Slavin. "Spinal neuromodulation in 2020 — where are we now?", Chicago, USA.
11:00 — Tipu Aziz. "Deep Brain Stimulation for Severe Enduring Anorexia Nervosa". Oxford, UK
11:30 — Patric Blomstedt. "Psychiatric neurosurgery — past, present and future". Umeå, Sweden
12:00 — Nader Pouratian. "Visual Cortical Prosthesis Early Experience". Santa Monica, USA
12:30 — Andrey Sitnikov. "What happened to thalamic stimulation for pain?". Moscow, Russia
13:00 — 14:00 Lunch
14:00 — Emil Isagulyan. "Neurostimulation for chronic pelvic pain. Main reasons of failures". Moscow, Russia
14:30 — Faisal Al Otaibi. "Transcentral Sulcus Approach: Technical Note and Post-Operative Neurological Outcome". Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
15:00 — Damianos Sakas, "Maximizing the efficacy of grid-EEG recording for defining the epileptogenic network in complex cases of extratemporal epilepsy, originating in cortical convexity." Athens, Greece
15:30 — Jean Regis. "Tremor surgery future perspective". Marseille, France
16:00 — Ido Strauss. "Chordotomy for intractable pain" Tel Aviv, Israel
16:30 — Harith Akram. "Tractography Algorithms and Interpretations" London, UK
17:00 — Closing remarks
  • Association of Functional Neurosurgeons of Russia
  • European Association of Stereotactic and # nbsp; Functional Neurosurgeons (ESSFN)
  • European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS, Section of # nbsp; Functional Neurosurgery)
Conference speakers


Moscow, Marriot Tverskaya Hotel
1 Tverskaya # nbsp; - Yamskaya Street, 34